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Make the most of your time at Symposium by attending one of three dynamic Pre-Conference Workshops!

Select the Pre-Conference Workshop option of your choice during Symposium registration. The Pre-Conference Workshop fee is $129.

Trauma-Informed Leadership: The Balance of Compassion and Accountability

The concepts and principles associated with trauma-informed care have received extensive attention over the last ten years. Trauma-informed practices have been designated across multiple types of service systems, including child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice, and substance abuse, among others. To date, the primary focus has been on supporting the organization and its employees to utilize a trauma-informed approach with the clientele served. However, considering recent national and global events, a broader trauma-informed leadership approach at an organizational level is warranted. This presentation is designed for leaders across roles who want to empower and engage the current workforce. Drawing from the literature on effective leadership, implementation science, and trauma-informed care principles this presenter will highlight the principles of trauma-informed care and provide strategies to integrate these principles into their leadership practices. This presentation is designed for leaders at all levels. 

Presented by: Lisa Conradi, PsyD

Lisa Conradi, PsyD, is the Executive Director of the Chadwick Center for Children and Families in San Diego and a leadership consultant. She founded Conradi Consulting, LLC, located in San Diego, CA. She has multiple years of experience in the field of child trauma and in supporting service systems in their efforts to become more trauma-informed. She has authored and co-authored various publications on trauma screening and assessment practices, creating trauma-informed systems, and presented nationally on innovative practices designed to improve the service delivery system for children who have experienced trauma. 

Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Children and Adolescents: Research, Treatment, and Implementation

Research consistently and clearly indicates that LGBTQ+ youth are at significantly higher risk for adverse outcomes due to being who they are authentically (e.g., Trevor Project, 2022). The focus of this presentation is to enhance knowledge of all child maltreatment professionals on LGBTQ+ youth and culture, statistics on adversity and trauma for these youth, entry points to child serving systems, and affirmative strategies that are considered best practice in the field.  The intended audience is broadly child maltreatment professionals given that adults interact and serve LGBTQ+ youth in a variety of settings and reasons.  Multidisciplinary teams and their partners benefit from training on intercultural competence and are required to receive such training per accreditation standards, especially given the current climate in the United States regarding rights and treatment of LGBTQ youth.   

Presented by: Andrew Monroe, LCSW and Jimmy Widdifield, Jr., MA

Andrew Monroe, LCSW, received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at Auburn University and Master of Social Work at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL. Mr. Monroe has experience working with and developing programs for youth with problematic sexual behaviors, as well as trauma survivors in urban and rural settings. He is trained in several evidence-based treatment models, including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Problematic Sexual Behavior Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Mr. Monroe was an adjunct instructor for the University of Alabama’s School of Social Work where he taught clinical and human behavior classes. He is currently a clinician and trainer with the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY) located at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. 

Jimmy Widdifield, Jr., MA, is the Project Director of the national Training/Technical Assistance (TTA) Grant for Child Abuse Professionals at the National Children's Advocacy Center. Mr. Widdifield is an experienced TTA provider in child maltreatment with specific experience with children and adolescents with problematic (including illegal) sexual behavior, the recipient children, and their families; LGBTQ+ youth; and supporting multidisciplinary teams that investigate child abuse and neglect. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma who is trained in several evidence-based treatments that address childhood adversity and trauma.


Educate, Advocate, & Activate with BLOOM365: A teen-centered model to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence

In this session the presenter will explore BLOOM365’s teen-centered model to meet the urgent and growing need for comprehensive dating abuse and sexual violence prevention and response programming in schools and youth serving organizations. Participants will learn practical strategies, grounded in research-based practices and prevention theory, to help them cultivate a teen-centered and trauma-sensitive environment that fosters empowerment and resiliency for young people who have experienced or witnessed interpersonal violence. The presenter hopes to alleviate the time and effort it takes to develop and test new curricula and resources by utilizing BLOOM365’s essential teen specific victim advocacy and education curricula to help the young people you serve increase healing, safety and well-being. 

Presented by: Donna Bartos, MPA

Donna Bartos founded BLOOM365 in 2006 as "Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse," a grassroots volunteer-led movement to break the silence, break the cycle and save lives from domestic violence. In the early years, Donna mobilized a national network of stay at home moms to raise awareness and funds through "purple" themed "Girls Night Out to Cut Out Domestic Abuse" events at salons and spas and "Rock the Purple" concerts at Hard Rock Cafes to benefit, support and empower children orphaned by domestic violence. In 2010, she developed "Are you blooming or wilting?" a research-based root cause prevention education tool which remains the foundation of our mission, vision and work to this day. Donna has over 25 years experience in non-profit management, program development, marketing and fundraising. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from McDaniel College and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University.